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Únete a la acción

Casa doña Silvia

Architecure For Humanity is integrated into the program "únete a la acción" citizen mobilization campaign, working to overcome extreme poverty of some sectors of Bogotá. With this program, we invite the Colombians to build a community of volunteers who work together to transform the reality of many people living in poverty in Colombia.

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El Jarillón

El jarillon El Jarillón is a publication created by a group of small collectives of architects and artists concerned with the crisis experienced in the last rainy season, where we propose of a critic way  the position we take as architects, artists, or simply as citizens, from professional practice and everyday life.

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The Architecture For Humanity project with Kaospilot, is focused in the town of Soacha, specifically in the community of Manzano. With a pilot program in Cachipai, which works with youth for their community.

Architecture For HumanityBogotá, directly supports the development of programs for the various apostolic groups that relate to these communities. This is why our organization provides to this community the knowledge that allows them to build a sustainable future fromthe resources they have available. Therefore, AFH wants to develop students'skills to support their communities in concrete in a joint action with their environment.

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Vivienda de la Comunidad Wounaan

casa wounaanAFH Bogotá D.C. binds to the sandbox to participate in a comprehensive project that benefits a community group from the Emberá-Wounaan ethnic group belonging to low Baudó, displaced by the internal conflict and residing in Bogotá in Ciudad Bolivar.

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