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Parque Infantíl Colegio CEDID Guillermo Cano Isaza

The CEDID School , located in the City of Bogotá, is available to preschoolers a park used for recreation and leisure sports for students, now the space has a wooden park with damaged items, hindering the proper use of the park. Therefore the Shcool together with the Corporación Juntos Construyendo Futuro want to return the children a good park, with the aim to encourage the best growth and motor development of children from school.


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PCK - Palos, Cuerdas y Kotizas

Diagrama del proyecto sobre foto del grupo infantil de teatro

Folk Association, Palos, Cuerdas y Kotizas PCK, was born in the San Cristobal  district in August 2001 with the aim of promoting permanent  artistic training processes in the areas of theater, music and dance in children and youth from the district. In parallel, PCK is seeking to build social processes generating social fabric as barter, leadership training, economic solidarity, human rights workshops and mechanisms for citizen participation. PCK is composed of four groups of artists and an environment one, they develop their workshops with children and young people every Saturday.

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Mobile Classrooms Sierra Morena School- JCF

esquema del proyecto sobre foto de estudiantes

This project developed for the Corporación Juntos Construyendo Futuro, aims to have adequate spaces to develop programs that support education with the Pro-niño program of Fundación Telefónica. Currently these programs along with other school activities are carried out in nearby houses that are rented, but that does not meet the ideal requirements.

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Home Kids For a New Planet

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New PlanetChildren For a New Planet is not just a school is a "home" for child victims of sexual abuse, and exploitation. This nonprofit organization provides them with housing, education, food, lots of love and everything they need to grow up happilly. However, the education provided is not the traditional, some of these children have lived too long in the streets and can not even write or read, or other age-appropriate things. Most importantly, this "education" is  aimed to regain the joy of living as many of these children do not want to move on because of the suffering they have endured. Broken roof

This home currently houses over 200 children, therefore, if we understand efectiveness as efficiency and efficacy the use of resources is our highest priority, for instance: 10% of the monthly budget is directed exclusively at Water consumption . Also, the physical facilities ranges from moderate to high damaged. 

Given the above we decided to embrace the project with a metaphor occurring in nature, if a seed is nurtured and cared for, in the future it will grow, be strong and bear fruit. To AFH Bogota these conditions must be translated on the following: as a first step, address the knowledge children have about their own space and as a second step address the project with special and environmentally friendly materials. 


With this knowledge we decided to optimize the functionality of space, so that each of the organizational areas wereSeeds integrated and flowing into each process, that is how we have the recreational, habitational, educational and services areas Finally we stress that this project is done for and by people, AFH Bogotá will always look, lead and implement projects that cause social impact, if you need more information to participate find us on the contact us link.



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