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¨Acuerdo para la Prosperidad¨Barranquilla

Acuerdo para la prosperidad Barranquilla

Architecture for Humanity Bogota was invited to participate in the ¨ Prosperity Agreement · number 38 in the city of Barranquilla, Atlántico on June 24 and 25, 2011, as part of a group of social innovators to share our experiences in the context of overcoming extreme poverty.

Panel Virtual soluciones innovadoras de habitabilidad en contextos vulnerables

Fecha: miércoles 8 de Junio de 2:00 a 4:00 pm
TransmisiónColombia en Acción - En Vivo

Panelistas invitados de
- Architecture for Humanity Bogotá
- Organizmo
- Hábitat sin Fronteras
- Arquitectura Expandida
- Infraestructura & Hábitat de Acción Social

Confirme su asistencia:

Temas a tratar:
- Experiencias replicables exitosas
- Socialización de soluciones de bajo costo, amables con el medio ambiente, y que involucran a las comunidades en el proceso
- ¿Cómo articular el trabajo de arquitectos y diseñadores, gobierno y ciudadanos voluntarios?


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Nueva Oficina

We Want to invite you to our new office located in Calle 64 # 8 - 38 Of. 202A.

One Year we worked in Emaus Thanks to Carmenza Mondragon who gave us a space to making real all our projects. Few months ago the house was sold and we were looking a place to go, now we will be in Lourdes imagining a better world through our designs.

Greetings to all of you that during this year has been visiting us and collaborating with the projects, we hope you keep visiting in our new office.

Together we can rebuild better

At 5:30 am on this day August 12, 2010 a bomb with 50 kilos of explosive ANFO went off 5 blocks from the office of Architecture for Humanity Bogota, leaving nine people with minor injuries and fortunately no fatalities.

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