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DURANTE ALGO MAS DE UN AÑO hemos estado trabajando en el capitulo Bogotá para lograr que el diseño llegue a las personas que más lo necesitan, un grupo variado de profesionales y voluntarios que hemos prestado nuestro tiempo para desarrollar proyectos sostenibles y sustentables y generando diferentes medios de contacto para que nuestra voz cada vez se escuche en muchos más lugares. Es para mí un honor invitarlos a participar de éste primer boletín mensual de Architecture for Humanity Bogotá D.C.


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Confessions of a Design Fellow - Numero Tres

bogotaWell, three and a half months later, the time has come for me to complete my Design Fellowship with Architecture for Humanity. Part of me feels like I have been here forever and another part feels like I have just arrived here in Bogotá!

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Confessions of a Design Fellow - Numero Dos

Sierra Morena School Project site viewI now find myself past the half-way mark of my Design Fellowship with Architecture for Humanity-Bogotá. Personally and professionaly, I have had many rich experiences since my last update – projects have progressed at the office and new opportunities have presented themselves. Just yesterday, Ricardo was approached with a chance to partner with the Colombian Red Cross for rebuild efforts in Haiti. I couldn´t be more excited for him and this collaboration for our chapter. In Haiti, Ricardo will develop a design solution that will address the need for temporary shelters in the damaged region – I can not wait for his return when he can fill me in on everything!


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Confessions of a Design Fellow - Número Uno

I can hardly believe it myself, but I now find myself one month into my Design Fellowship with AfH-Bogotá! It has been a large adjustment moving from Canada to Colombia, but I the people I have met here are very kind, the city is amazing and I am feeling settled into my new home.

I have loved being involved in the work at AfH-Bogotá. In my first month I have been collaborating with other members of our team to develop a corporate image for our chapter. It has been great creating a new logo and putting together a design manual; I am very grateful for the experience as I have learned a lot about the power of decision-making. Our website is currently in the works and should be up and running by the 1st of March.

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