PechaKucha Night Bogotá vol.6 "Spoke for Haiti"

PechaKucha Night joined Architecture for Humanity and on Saturday February the 20th were held worldwide events to raise funds that will be used for reconstruction projects in Haiti. Bogotá, of course, was part of this global pechatón.

The presentations were broadcasted via the Internet during this pechakustic global night marathon, and every attendee had the opportunity not only to enjoy a volume with excellent presenters, but to make a contribution to the reconstruction of Haiti, with long-term projects AFH ( schools, health centers and community centers).

The overall picture of the event was donated by the design studio based in Los Angeles (USA) founded by artist Shepard Fairey, Studio Number One

For illustration, we had the local image of Marcela Restrepo, who also participated in the Draft Night PechaKucha Postcards from Bogota, a unique collection of 30 images of Colombian artists who added their voices to the cause. This beautiful limited edition book was on sale the day of the event, and was developed in collaboration with Jorge Restrepo, who is also responsible for our logo "Speak x Haiti.


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