PCK - Palos, Cuerdas y Kotizas

Diagrama del proyecto sobre foto del grupo infantil de teatro

Folk Association, Palos, Cuerdas y Kotizas PCK, was born in the San Cristobal  district in August 2001 with the aim of promoting permanent  artistic training processes in the areas of theater, music and dance in children and youth from the district. In parallel, PCK is seeking to build social processes generating social fabric as barter, leadership training, economic solidarity, human rights workshops and mechanisms for citizen participation. PCK is composed of four groups of artists and an environment one, they develop their workshops with children and young people every Saturday.

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Despite its important role and influence in the local community, PCK does not have adequate physical plant for the development of their activities, therefore use loan places like the Casa Bosco and the neighborhood community center Camino Viejo of San Cristóbal, when these spaces are not available, they are forced to make their workshops  outside Additionally, the house where the administrative headquarters functions, was designed for residential use and therefore is not conditioned for the activities carried out there.

The intervention of Architecture for Humanity Bogotá DC, addresses two main objectives. The first one in short-term, is to adequate the administrative headquarters of the Association PCK and maximize the area to be exploited to the maximum by the community. The second, long-term thinking is to build a home for PCK to have all the appropriate spaces for the development of the activities of this organization.


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