Parque Infantíl Colegio CEDID Guillermo Cano Isaza

The CEDID School , located in the City of Bogotá, is available to preschoolers a park used for recreation and leisure sports for students, now the space has a wooden park with damaged items, hindering the proper use of the park. Therefore the Shcool together with the Corporación Juntos Construyendo Futuro want to return the children a good park, with the aim to encourage the best growth and motor development of children from school.




Our task is to reconstruct the existing Park and to design its expansion, for this we considered the various basic skills that children between the ages of five and seven years developing its growth. The design takes into account the appropriate activities to promote the child's motor development.

In this way the park is made up of areas: balance, strength and speed, flexibility and coordination and the mixed area which is the current park. Where kids learn that having fun is also the best way to grow. The overall objective of the project is that the park is for children and for themselves, a park that meets your needs as children in the development process and as students in the learning process, which is why the park also promotes the development of mental agility that allow games to exercise.

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