David Mójica's House

Estado actual casa David MójicaDavid Mójica is a community educator in charge of music education workshop at the Youth Development Center designed by Unicef, on March 25, 2011 your house collapsed after a landslide in the upper part of the lot, because of heavy rains of the last rainy season.

The family of David next to the CDJ and the Foundation  Schools of Peace, were able to manage with the organization "Un techo para mi país" he was given a house. The organization "Un techo para mi país" agreed to build the house but still has not built a retaining wall on the part where it was the back of the house. The family promised to manage its construction as soon as possible to avoid losing the house  donated.

Right now the family is living in the same lot with a risk of imminent collapse, they created a temporary home for themselves. Architecture for Humanity Bogotá aims general objective to analyze the land where housing is located and then evaluate the best chance to build a retaining wall that allows the Mójica's house remain stable  before the adversity and support the ground. the ground conditions can not be the best, because the lot is in an area where the soil is not stable enough so our work is to provide accurate decision making whether to build a strong retaining wall  or the possibility of transfer and acquisition of a new batch in a safer area, so that together with the organization "Un techo para mi país" be able to give Mojica family safe housing


For more information follow this linkhttp://openarchitecturenetwork.org/projects/afhbogota014


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