Facelec Park

Brigada de diseño

FACELEC, is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electrical and telephone cables for low voltage and distribution of electricity in copper and aluminum. Located in, Madrid Cundinamarca. FACELEC engage with the community of “Los Arboles”, where the company is located, generating a social responsibility program business and wants to build a community park forthe village and community, on a lot that is owned of the company.

The work of AFH, Bogota in this project consists of the socio-economic community in the village of “Los Arboles”, where they expected to get a result of the expectations of people from the future park on the sidewalk. Taking into account the needs of the community and their dreams, AFH Bogotá want to achieve the design and construction of the best park.


For more information follow this link  http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/projects/afhbogota008


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